Roxy's Cool Website

Find Me Online!

Here's all the different places you can find me online!

Discord Chat

You may join my Discord Chat, where we talk about games, computers, and all kinds of other stuff! I also post commission announcements and updates there, so please join if you want to keep up on that.

Alternatively, for commission updates and art, you can also follow my Telegram channel.

Art Galleries

Here are the various places you can see my art!

Social Media

Here's places you can find me online! I mostly post on Mastodon, but I keep the other sites updated too with new art and game dev updates.


If you wanna help me do what I do, you can support me! Monthly supporters get listed on the special thanks page, as well as in games I'm working on.


Here's where I post videos and stream, though I don't do much of either sorry!

Old Sites

I don't really use these sites, but I have them listed here to validate they're me.