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Note: We haven't had time to fully update our website to account for plurality, so it still says "Roxy" all over it. We will eventually find time to address this. Thank you for letting us know about it!

Commission Terms

This page has all of CyanSorcery's commission terms as of December 18th, 2023, and override any commission terms on any other site. Please read them over before commissioning me!

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Important Notice!


Before commissioning me, please be aware that I work on commissions between game development work. Because of this, it may take a few weeks or (at worst) a few months to complete your commission, depending on the size/complexity of it. I may also work on smaller commissions between bigger ones.

If this is an issue for you, or you need a commission done that is time sensitive, you may want to consider another artist who can do it faster for you. Thank you for understanding!

Also, please do not ask me for any holiday-specific artwork for this reason if the holiday is less than 2 months away!

If you have any questions or are waiting for a commission and want to know the status of it, please feel free to contact me or check the commission queue.


Please note that these are base prices, and they may increase or decrease depending on complexity. Avatars are always at a fixed price, and are always quality.

AvatarSingleExtra Characters
(couples icons, etc.)
Quality$40 USD+$35 USD Each
Half BodySingleExtra Characters
Fast$65 USD+$50 USD Each
Quality$85 USD+$70 USD Each
Full BodySingleExtra Characters
Fast$90 USD+$70 USD Each
Quality$120 USD+$95 USD Each
Please note, basic backgrounds are added at my discretion. Otherwise, I can't really allocate time to do art with backgrounds right now.


You may visit my art gallery to see all artworks I've done, or view all commissions I've done. Please note that not all of my artwork is included here - please visit my galleries on FurAffinity, deviantART, or Weasyl for more!

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be 18 years or older to commission art from me.
  • No holds, cash up front please. Any currency that turns into USD is ok (no bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.)
  • I've never worked well with written refs, so you must have some kind of visual ref of what you want me to draw.
  • You must have license to the characters you wish for me to draw (so no fanart, though I may make exceptions. Please ask!)
  • Payment accepted through PayPal invoice only.
  • Pay with your own money, please don't use your parent's credit card.
  • If you're going in part on a big commission, please elect one person to send me the money and have them send me the money. I will only send one invoice to one person, and this is the person who I will work with on the commission (so make sure you trust them.)
  • At this time, I do not offer commercial works. If you still would like to ask, feel free! Just know that my commercial rates are much higher than below.
  • At this time, I only deal in digital art. You will receive a digital copy of your artwork as PNG or JPG format. No physical item will be shipped to you.
  • All of my artwork commissions are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) License. This means you may share and edit the artwork, but you must credit me in some way. You may NOT use it for commercial purposes or resell the artwork.
  • I do not do NSFW art except for good friends or trustworthy people. I prefer to keep everything as SFW as possible (Suggestive themes are ok.)
  • You may not create NFTs of the artwork. This falls under commercial use, and I will expect to be paid commercial prices.

What I'll Draw

  • Furries (of course)
  • Humans (wow!)
  • LGBTQ, Non-Binary, Polyam etc (should go without saying)
  • Ponies (anthro or non-anthro, but only in my own style)
  • Avians (birbs)
  • Sergals
  • Toons (including just toonifying an existing character)
  • Winged characters (though complex wings are extra)
  • Pokesonas etc
  • Non-Anthros (feral)
  • Taurs
  • Cool Sonic OCs
  • Spotted fursonas like cheetahs or sneps (spots are not extra, I just like drawing them)

What I'll Draw But It'll Cost Extra

  • Multi-armed/legged characters (like taurs)
  • Simple robots, machines, vehicles etc.
  • More complex machines like cars will require a ref pic that I can trace over that you have the rights to use.

What I Wont Draw

  • Violent/Bloody stuff
  • Gore (including candy gore)
  • Hateful imagery
  • Illegal stuff
  • Really complex stuff, unless you have a ref I can trace over that you have the rights to use.

Commission Process

  • Please fill out the commission forms to request a commission slot (Links will not be shown if commissions are closed.)
  • Filling out the form does not guarantee that you will receive a commission! The form only acts an an application for a commission slot.
  • Once you fill out the form, I will contact you to work out the commission details or let you know if I am not able to take your commission (due to too many people submitting the form, for instance.)
  • Once we agree on a commission, I'll send you an invoice. After you pay, we'll be good to go!
  • Please note, if I reach out to you and you don't respond in 2 days, or I send an invoice and you don't pay it in a timely manner, I reserve the right to cancel your commission. I'll try my best to get in contact with you beforehand though.
  • I may work on smaller pieces (such as avatars) in between bigger pieces, to make sure I give the right time and attention to the bigger pieces. Please be patient, I want to do the best I can for you.
  • You will get previews of the commission throughout the process. For avatars, you'll get a sketch and then the final product. For anything bigger, you'll get the sketch, lineart, color, and shading (when applicable.) However, if you are watching me draw the artwork in a stream, I will most likely not send these as it would be unnecessary.
  • Please let me know if there's any changes that need to be made before I move on to the next step. If there's a minor change later then I can do it, but any major changes (change in hairstyle, pose, etc) after the pic is past the sketch stage will cost extra (or I may refuse to do it.)
  • When I'm done with the artwork, I will send it to you for final approval before posting it anywhere. If you don't respond after a week, I'll just go ahead and post it.
  • For Avatars: When the commission is done, you will get an original resolution PNG. Avatars are typically 1500x1500px.
  • For Everything Else: you will receive a downscaled PNG. High/Original res available upon request.
  • If you lost your commission, I keep backups of everything and most likely will still have it. Please ask!

Revisions and Refunds

  • I will refund the entire cost of the commission before work begins, but please note that I most likely will not take commissions from you in the future if you just commission and then change your mind.
  • If I have begun on the commission, I will not give a refund. I will also not give a refund in the condition that you receive the art and do not like it. Please be aware of my style before commissioning me.
  • Before work begins, you can change the commission as long as it fits within the original terms. After work begins, I will only do small changes. Large changes may incur additional fees.
  • Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Please let me know about any changes when I send process updates as soon as possible! The more I've worked on the artwork, the more difficult it is to make changes to it.
  • After the commission is finalized and has been sent to you, I cannot make any additional changes to it.


Questions? Comments? Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? If you have any questions, please check the main page for my list of contacts! The easiest way to contact me is through my Discord Chat, though you may also send me a message on most other platforms listed.

However, if my form says "closed" above, please do not ask me about commissions! (The exception is if you're waiting on a commission.)

If you wish to ask about your commission, please ask in the same place that we originally discussed your commission, thank you!

Commission Queue

Below is my current commission queue. Here you'll find all current commissions and their progress (The higher it is, the closer it is to completion.) The ID number matches the invoice number, and the name of the commissioner and a brief description is also provided. Please note, some commissions may not show up on this list due to commissioner privacy. If you are owed a commission and don't see it on this list, please feel free to contact me.

Last updated Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 11:08am US/Pacific.
In Progress
  • 437 Quyksilver
    Full Body Quality, 1 Character
    Progress: Sketch, Needs Correction
  • 440 ruspazzy
    Full Body Quality, 1 Character
    Progress: Sketch
  • 442 Nebby8
    Avatar, 1 Character
    Progress: Sketch
  • 443 Axel
    Avatar, 1 Character
    Progress: Sketch, Needs Correction
  • 441 Axel
    Full Body Quality, 2 Characters
    Progress: Not Started
  • 444 fl4nn
    Full Body Quality, 1 Character
    Progress: Not Started
  • 445 MellowMink
    Full Body Quality, 2 Characters
    Progress: Not Started
  • 446 SatyricalSol
    Full Body Quality, 1 Character
    Progress: Not Started
  • 447 darkwitchclaire
    Half Body Fast, 1 Character
    Progress: Not Started
  • 448 Nova
    Full Body Quality, 1 Character
    Progress: Not Started